The first board meeting of the 11th special processing branch of China Society of mechanical enginee


The 11th Council * meeting of special processing branch of China Society of mechanical engineering was held in Guangzhou on November 17, 2017. There were more than 120 directors, * consultants and specially invited representatives of special processing branch attending the meeting. Zuo Xiaowei, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of mechanical engineering, attended the meeting.

Zuo Xiaowei, deputy secretary general, delivered a speech at the meeting and read out the approval document of China Mechanical Engineering Society on appointing 120 people including Zhu Di to form the 11th Council of special processing branch. Zhu Di, chairman of the 11th Council of the special processing branch, Wu Guoxing, Zhao Wansheng, Bai Jicheng, Xiao Rongshi, Li Dichen, Zhang Wenwu, Xu Junliang, secretary general, Chen Yuanlong, Zhang Deyuan, Guo Jianmei, Zhou Zhikai, deputy directors. At the meeting, the following appointment decisions were adopted: ye Jun was appointed as honorary president of the 11th Council, Yu Jiashan, Wang Zhiyao, Wang Kexi, Liu Jinchun, sun Changshu, Li Xiangrong, Li Minghui, Sheng Jiale and Yan Yongnian as * consultants of the 11th Council.

Entrusted by president Zhu Di, vice president Zhao Wansheng presided over the meeting. Secretary General Xu Junliang reported on the main work of the 10th Council from three aspects: academic exchange, team building and leading development. Under the leadership of China Society of mechanical engineering and with the strong support of affiliated units, the 10th Council United the vast number of scientific and technological workers in the field of special processing in China, actively and effectively carried out various activities around the center work of the society, and played a positive role in the discipline development and technological progress in the field of special processing.

The representative of the meeting listened to the instructions of the Secretariat on the revision of the regulations on the work of special processing branch of China Society of mechanical engineering, the establishment of the working organization and the fee collection standard, and unanimously passed the relevant matters. The 11th Council of the special processing branch has 6 professional technical committees, including EDM, WEDM, electrochemical processing, laser processing, additive manufacturing (3D printing), ultrasonic processing, and 6 working committees, including academic, international exchange, education, training and popular science, editing and publishing, youth and organization. The leaders of each professional technical committee made speeches on their own work plans. They are: Guo Jianmei, director of the technical committee of EDM, deputy director of Beijing Research Institute of EDM, Bao Wenjie, director of the technical committee of WEDM, chairman of Suzhou Sanguang Technology Co., Ltd., director of the technical committee of electrochemical machining, special Canada of Hefei University of technology Chen Yuanlong, director of Institute of technology, Xiao Rongshi, director of laser processing technology committee, Laser Engineering Research Institute of Beijing University of technology, Li Dichen, director of Technical Committee of additive manufacturing (3D printing), director of State Key Laboratory of mechanical manufacturing system engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Zhang Deyuan, director of ultrasonic processing technology committee and professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The attending directors spoke one after another on how to better carry out the work of the society. According to your opinions, the Secretariat will determine the main work of the society in the next year and improve the working ideas of the 11th Council.

The meeting held that the previous councils laid a good foundation for the next work of the special processing branch. In the future, we should actively build a platform of academic exchanges with various forms and rich levels, further improve the quality and effectiveness of academic exchanges, highlight the characteristics of disciplines, highlight the characteristics of themes, promote cross integration, increase the support for selecting the best, build academic brands that are conducive to independent innovation, raise the overall level of academic exchanges to a higher level, and promote China's special processing technology better and faster And make new contributions.

(original title: the first council meeting of the 11th special processing branch of China Society of mechanical engineering was held in Guangzhou)