Duer successfully won the bid for three painting workshop projects of BMW Group in China and Hungary


Shanghai, December 19, 2019 - duer will build a new Lydia coating workshop for BMW Group in Shenyang, China, and expand the existing Dadong coating workshop. At the same time, the two sides will also cooperate in Debrecen, Hungary, to build a new painting workshop. With the rich experience and advanced technology of duer, BMW group improves its coating capacity in Asia and Europe.

BMW's two orders confirm duel's advanced position in the Chinese market. Since 2016, BMW has adopted the coating workshop built by duer in Dadong District of Shenyang. One of the orders received this time is the coating production line of Dadong coating workshop expansion project. Another order is the new Lydia coating workshop, which is different from the coating workshop of BMW Tiexi factory built by duer in 2013. The new Lydia project is located in the new production base of Tiexi District, Shenyang. In addition, BMW is also planning the expansion project of the new production base, and has reached cooperation intention with duel. Not only that, the two sides also signed an agreement on a new painting workshop in Hungary, which will be put into production in the summer of 2023.

"Duer is selected as the general contractor of BMW Group's production facilities in Asia and Europe with rich experience to provide innovative technology and sustainable production solutions for the whole coating process." Dr. Jochen weyrauch, chairman of the board of directors of duer systems group, said: "BMW's three coating plants will set new production standards in terms of sustainability, flexibility and quality."

There is no doubt that duer will provide mature technology and innovative solutions for three workshops, such as rodip ® rotary dip coating, which will create good pretreatment and electrophoretic coating conditions for subsequent painting applications.

From spray painting to drying, make effective use of resources

The integrated painting process (IPP) is adopted in the three painting workshops of BMW, and the painting application is completed by the painting robot equipped with high-speed rotary atomizer ecobell 3. 165 spray robots and 90 glue robots provided by duer will spray and glue BMW models in these three workshops. Integrated paint supply system and mixing room ensure efficient paint supply. In addition, Dole will install the ecosupplyp system to provide special color paint, and use the pigging system to transport the special color paint to the spray booth, which will generate little paint loss. These application technologies cooperate with each other, will greatly reduce the consumption of paint and cleaning agent, and ensure rapid color change.


BMW will use resource-saving and sustainable technologies in these three new painting workshops. Dole products for paint over spray separation - ecodryscrubber for Chinese projects and ecodryx for Hungarian Projects - are favorable for environmental protection. Ecodryscrubber uses limestone powder for paint separation, while ecodryx uses cardboard filter box as separation medium. Therefore, the separation technology of Durkheim type overspray does not involve water and chemicals and does not cause pollution. Up to 95% air recirculation in the duel separation process can also reduce the energy consumption of the spray booth by 60%.

The new ecoincure drying room will be applied to the topcoat lines of Tiexi and Debrecen in Hungary, and will further improve the energy efficiency of the plant. The waste gas of the drying room can be purified only by using a set of ecoporetar type secondary combustion system. In contrast, two sets of emission control systems are required for a standard two-wire drying room. This reduces the amount of fresh air required, thereby reducing energy demand. Ecoincure uses a new drying technology: the air flowing through the windshield opening heats the body parts from the inside to the outside, so that the body can be dried particularly evenly and quickly, including the drying of special vehicle shapes like electric vehicles.

Compact and scalable layout

Dole's technological innovation is changing the layout of the factory. BMW will use the integrated skid free conveyor system in new plants in Hungary and Tiexi. The body is transported between the plants via cross bars, which means that there is no need for additional skid return space or skid cleaning. As a result, we get a compact and scalable layout.

About Toure

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