The average daily exposure of the reducer is 30000 + Huihao, which helps the enterprise to make prof


With the continuous development of industrial robot technology at home and abroad, especially the domestic market has become an important industrial robot application position in the world, with the growth rate ranking first in the world. Along with the development of industrial robot reducer, more and more attention has been paid to it. The domestic reducer industry has been continuously improved, and the reducer market generally shows the characteristics of large scale, complete categories and solid foundation; the speed of industry integration has been accelerated; the entry threshold of reducer market has been further improved.



As the foreign reducer market has been very mature in the design and production process, some well-known manufacturers have more than 100 years of reducer production experience, and the market share is also very considerable. Reducer abroad is widely used in food, power, construction, mining, water conservancy and many other industries, and its brand awareness is also higher than the domestic market. How to occupy a place in the reducer Market is a topic of concern for every domestic reducer enterprise.

Anhui feisen transmission equipment realizes that the traditional sales channels are difficult to broaden the door of the reducer Market, and only multi-channel development can occupy a foothold in the reducer Market. Mr. Wang thinks that only high traffic and high exposure can seize the Internet market, and how to obtain high traffic through low cost is the concern of every enterprise. In a chance, manager Wang of feisen transmission learned that Huicong's brilliant product costs only 19 yuan per day, and relies on Baidu B2B's powerful traffic vertical search engine to help users directly access the whole network's product information, access to a large number of high-quality businesses, help buyers quickly and conveniently find high-quality sources of goods, and provide businesses with a large number of matching inquiry list information To help enterprises make profits quickly. Manager Wang entered with a try and see attitude. Unexpectedly, the effect was really good. Since he entered, the cumulative exposure of business opportunities has reached 9.46 million +, the daily average exposure has reached 30000 +, and the buyer's inquiry has exceeded 100 +, which really made feisen transmission equipment taste the sweet head of Internet marketing.


    Of course, the successful marketing of Anhui feisen transmission equipment can not be separated from the development of the enterprise itself, except for the brilliant help of Hui. The production process of reducer is complex, which requires high material, processing accuracy and running stability. These technical characteristics require manufacturers to have long-term technology accumulation, master the core technology, and have strong product design and research and development capabilities. As a professional transmission equipment manufacturer in China, feisen transmission is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of industrial intelligent drive system. The company is committed to building a well-known brand enterprise in the industry. Feisen industrial reducer enjoys a high reputation in the field of power transmission. Its feisen series products adopt German advanced manufacturing technology and assembly process, all of which are modular design. The company successively introduces hofler shaping gear grinder in Germany, Mitsui CNC machining center in Japan, CMS five axis linkage Rotor Grinder in Italy, maag1000 gear detector in Switzerland, etc Fine equipment. Company in line with the "people-oriented technology first" purpose, to provide buyers with quality services and products.


Description of the rights and interests of huixiancai merchants

Huihao merchants can have their own business card through Baidu search results page, and the enterprise information and high-quality goods can be simultaneously displayed; and they can obtain Baidu reputation certification, strengthen brand awareness, highlight the strength of the enterprise, and enhance customer trust. Realize the multi-terminal display of PC, mobile and Baidu app, strengthen the product exposure, improve the single opportunity and help the buyer and the seller to win each other while promoting the brand for customers.